How to choose the name of your domain

Come scegliere il nome del dominio

Scegliere il nome del dominio dell’e-commerce può sembrare all’inizio un po’ difficile, ma con questi consigli potrai trovare l’ispirazione per trovare il nome di dominio della tua nuova attività in pochi minuti!

How to choose the name of your domain

Create a brand name or use keywords?

The first step is to decide if you want a site name that serves purely as a brand, without descriptive meaning in itself, or to opt for a name that contains keywords related to your business and / or to your customer. This second option make it immediately clear what you sell and to whom.

Invent a word, or modify an existing one.

Consider that some of the most famous e-commerce sites have names that are meaningless, but certainly memorable, such as Amazon and Yoox.

Try various combinations of short words.

Avoiding putting two similar words next to eachother.

Test variations and combinations of terms.

These should be words related to the e-commerce world, online sales, or fashion.

Use a word that has a personal meaning.

It could be your nickname, the nickname of a loved one or simply your name. Using a personal name makes it easier to identify a store and is immediately more familiar.

Use acronyms; words formed with one or more initial letters of other words.

A well-known brand example is that of ASOS (As Seen On Screen = As It Appears on the Screen) a famous online clothing store.


Short and simple is better.

Whether you choose a name with a meaning or not, it should be short, easy to pronounce, to write, and easy to remember. These tactics can help to initiate word of mouth promotion among your contacts. This will also prevent you having to remind your customers of your name in every letter or promotion!

We do not recommend the use of punctuation, high dashes (-), underscores (_), or numbers.

Punctuation makes it difficult for customers to remember your domain and can be complicated to explain verbally (the number “one” should I write it in letters?). When you promote the site you do not want to explain which symbol is an underscore, such as a hyphen and where to find them on the keyboard, right?!

Think about who is (or will be) your typical visitor.

Are your customers able to understand your name? What is or will be the average age? Sex? What language do they speak? If your audience is predominantly Italian, but you still want to give a more international tone to the brand, the right compromise could be to use foreign keywords entered in the common jargon, such as: “fashion”, “shop”, “outlet” or ” store “. In this way you will be “cool” but recognizable at the same time.

Appearance is important for you domain.

Try to imagine what your domain will look like when you share and promote the site on various channels. From sharing a post on your Facebook page to texting your promotion to a friend who is not so comfortable with technology, appearance will be helpful.

Short on ideas? Try these helpful tools:

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