How to choose the name of your domain

Come scegliere il nome del dominio

Scegliere il nome del dominio dell’e-commerce può sembrare all’inizio un po’ difficile, ma con questi consigli potrai trovare l’ispirazione per trovare il nome di dominio della tua nuova attività in pochi minuti!

How to choose the name of your domain

Create a brand name or use keywords?

The first step is to decide if you want a site name that serves purely as a brand, without descriptive meaning in itself, or to opt for a name that contains keywords related to your business and / or to your customer. This second option make it immediately clear what you sell and to whom.

Invent a word, or modify an existing one.

Consider that some of the most famous e-commerce sites have names that are meaningless, but certainly memorable, such as Amazon and Yoox.

Try various combinations of short words.

Avoiding putting two similar words next to eachother.

Test variations and combinations of terms.

These should be words related to the e-commerce world, online sales, or fashion.

Use a word that has a personal meaning.

It could be your nickname, the nickname of a loved one or simply your name. Using a personal name makes it easier to identify a store and is immediately more familiar.

Use acronyms; words formed with one or more initial letters of other words.

A well-known brand example is that of ASOS (As Seen On Screen = As It Appears on the Screen) a famous online clothing store.


Short and simple is better.

Whether you choose a name with a meaning or not, it should be short, easy to pronounce, to write, and easy to remember. These tactics can help to initiate word of mouth promotion among your contacts. This will also prevent you having to remind your customers of your name in every letter or promotion!

We do not recommend the use of punctuation, high dashes (-), underscores (_), or numbers.

Punctuation makes it difficult for customers to remember your domain and can be complicated to explain verbally (the number “one” should I write it in letters?). When you promote the site you do not want to explain which symbol is an underscore, such as a hyphen and where to find them on the keyboard, right?!

Think about who is (or will be) your typical visitor.

Are your customers able to understand your name? What is or will be the average age? Sex? What language do they speak? If your audience is predominantly Italian, but you still want to give a more international tone to the brand, the right compromise could be to use foreign keywords entered in the common jargon, such as: “fashion”, “shop”, “outlet” or ” store “. In this way you will be “cool” but recognizable at the same time.

Appearance is important for you domain.

Try to imagine what your domain will look like when you share and promote the site on various channels. From sharing a post on your Facebook page to texting your promotion to a friend who is not so comfortable with technology, appearance will be helpful.

Short on ideas? Try these helpful tools:

Put our advice into practice now!

How to start promoting a new e-commerce.

Have you configured your Letsell e-commerce site? Congratulations!

Make sure to complete each of these steps to get yourself ready to sell!

How to start promoting a new e-commerce. Some fundamental tips not to forget.

Have you configured your Letsell e-commerce site? Congratulations! Make sure to complete each of these steps to get yourself ready to sell!



  1. You have chosen a domain that is easy to write and remember. Here you can find the complete tutorial on how to choose it: Domain name
  2. You have created a logo that identifies you clearly in all of your advertising formats. Here you will find the complete tutorial on how to create it: Logo
  3. You have entered an effective description of the site. Consider that you can also use this on FB and other channels. Here you will find where you can insert the site description: Advanced setup and a tutorial to writing a good description.
  4. Have you added links to your social media networks to the site. Here you will find the complete tutorial on how to do so: Social Network
  5. Have you created a Facebook page for the site, invited all your contacts to like and comment on it, and to review your page; here you will find the full tutorial on how to create and optimize the page: Facebook
  6. Have you spread the word in the places you frequent: at work, at school, at the gym, at the bar, even at the doctor’s office. Make sure to ask relatives and friends to talk about it and to spread the word among their contacts. You can give everyone a personalized discount code!
  7. Have you created discount coupons (Find the tutorial here)? In particular, did you create a WELCOME discount code to incentivize each visitors first purchase? Here is the complete tutorial on how to use the discount codes: Discount Code
  8. Have you created promotions on particular products. Are you wondering how to choose which products to create promotions for? First of all, look over the catalog and put articles on sale that are suitable for the season (winter coats, summer sunglasses for example), items that are most attractive to you, or those with the highest profit margin! Also ask your friends to show you the products that they would most likely buy, and promote those selections. This is the complete tutorial on how to create a promotion: Promotions
  9. Have you created custom banners for the e-commerce site. Here is the complete tutorial: Banner E-commerce
  10. Have you created groups on Whatsapp to let your contacts know about your new adventure. Do not be shy, they will be the first ones to believe in you! In addition, you can give them good deals, so everyone is happy! After creating the group, send the discount coupon WELCOME. Make sure to highlight the strengths of Letsell: Outlet Prices, Branded Products, Guarantee of Authenticity, Shipments in 24/48 hours, Fixed Cost of Shipping, Secure Payments! Here is the complete tutorial: Whatsapp

Here are some additional promotion strategies we find particularly successful:

  1. Send links privately for products or promotions to your contacts on Whatsapp and Facebook. Was your friend looking for a coat? Send the link to your favorites on Letsell? Is your brother a sports fan? Send him the new sneakers on sale. Are your colleagues always in dress shirts? Create special promotions just for them on the shirts you find on Letsell!
  2. It’s always a good time to promote your site!! Have a drink with friends? You can share the product catalog on your mobile phone. Have you invited your neighbors for a coffee? Show them the latest news! Lunch break in the office? Show your site. Are you at the gym? Talk to your neighbor about your promotions on sportswear!
  3. Share the link to the dedicated Facebook page on your personal page, and the link to the Letsell site. You will become a reference point for clothing from our fashion brands! Create posts on FB with direct links to products. -> Here is the complete tutorial on how to create them: Post Facebook

Put our advice into practice now!

Come scrivere la descrizione del sito e-commerce

The description of your e-commerce site, together with the name, allows you to inform your
users about your business and to catch their attention. A thorough description of the site
provides a clear idea of the offers and products, increasing the chances that users will find
your site and feel encouraged to make purchases.

How to write the description of the e-commerce site

Here are some elements to consider when creating the description:

  • What exactly is the site about?
  • What products do you sell?
  • Are these original products? What brands are there?
  • How often is the catalog updated?
  • How are the prices on the site?
  • What are the accepted payment methods?
  • What are the shipping costs?

Tell your story. Remember that a personal and creative approach to writing the description allows you to show your personality and to communicate effectively with your contacts.  Remember to highlight the value and savings of purchases made on Letsell e-commerce. Some things that it is better to avoid in the description:

  • Declarations that are not true or too general
  • Repeating the same concept
  • Descriptions copied word for word from other sites
  • Negative and misleading comments

When you have finished writing the description remember to check the spelling and ask a friend to read it to determine how persuasive it is!


Start immediately to put our advice into practice!

Come scrivere la descrizione del sito e-commerce

La descrizione dell’e-commerce, insieme al nome, ti offre l’opportunità di informare i tuoi utenti sulla tua attività e di richiamare la loro attenzione. Una descrizione accurata dell’e-commerce fornisce un’idea chiara dell’offerta e dei prodotti, aumentando le probabilità che gli utenti ti trovino e siano invogliati a fare acquisti sul sito.

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